Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We offer regular domestic cleaning services, one-off spring cleaning, general office cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, and party cleaning. We also offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, and some speacialist cleaning services.
We try to supply you with a suitable cleaner instantly or within 24-48 hrs. This depends on where you live, what days you want, how flexible you are with your requirement and our cleaner's availability
All potential cleaners are interviewed at our office to ensure the suitability of the applicant. In addition to that, we require cleaners to provide us with verifiable proof of identification, address, two referees and two references, one of which has to be a previous employer.
All our cleaners are vetted thoroughly before being considered ready for work allocations. We require proof of immigration status to ensure that all our cleaners have a legal entitlement to work in the UK.
All cleaners must register to our agency and complete forms designed to safeguard our clients.
Yes, they are. We take up references for all our cleaners and those references have to be excellent before we would allow them on to our database of cleaners.
We have employers and public liability insurance to cover for any major damage within your home, there is an excess on all claims for which you would be responsible for. The insurance cover is offered to provide peace of mind in the event of any major incidents or damage to your property.
Yes, we can arrange a meeting with you and the cleaner at your house at a convenient time.
Yes, you will get the same cleaner to do your weekly cleaning. That way you will know who is coming into your home each week and your cleaner will be able to work out a routine with you as to what you would like to do on each visit.
The cleaner’s holidays are usually prearranged but if for some reason you’re cleaning is missed due to the cleaner’s holidays, illness or absence. Please call or email us and we will find you a replacement cleaner who will catch up with your cleaning or continue the cleaning service at your home till your regular cleaner is ready for work again. If your regular cleaner is unable to continue, we will endeavour to find you a new cleaner who will continue the regular services.
A missed cleaning session does not affect your monthly agency fees or payment amount. Please contact us immediately if you have missed a clean due to a cleaner absence to discuss alternative options.
Clients can cancel, choose to skip or miss a cleaning visit/visit for any reason, but you will need to inform your cleaner or us at least 24hrs. You do not have to pay the cleaner for this period but the agency fees are still payable to retain the cleaners available for the clients and to maintain our services.
Simply let us know of your concerns and we will do all we can to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. If this is not possible. We will allocate you another cleaner who should meet your needs.
Yes you can specify your choice of days. If you are more flexible on your choice of days it will open up a wider choice of available cleaners for you to choose from.
For Regular Domestic Cleaning.
We use your cleaning materials. Customers like the comfort of buying the cleaning materials they like, so their home can smell and feel exactly how they would like it to. Please note that our cleaners are advised against the use of bleach therefore alternative products should be provided.
For End of Tenancy cleaning and most One-off Cleaning.
We can provide all necessary cleaning products for the jobs along with the vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, mops, buckets, brooms and dusters. Or we can use your cleaning materials to do the job. Just let us know when you book the service, prices may defer.
Yes, you can leave a set of keys with the cleaner. You don't have to be in on the day the cleaner comes. All our cleaners are trained in safe key-holding so we can assure you that your keys are safe with our staff. We provide a Key Security Deposit form for secure key Holding.
Let us know when and where you are moving to so we can transfer your account to your new address within the London and Greater London area.
Please let us know if you have pets when you book and we will find you a cleaner who is happy to work around both cats and dogs.
You do, our clients pay the cleaner an agreed hourly rate at the end of each cleaning visit, excluding End of Tenancy and One-off Cleaning. One-off cleans/Tenancy can be paid by bank transfer, debit or credit card directly to the agency.
You pay the cleaner at end of each visit and set up a regular monthly payment/standing order for the agency fees. The total cost consists of the agency and cleaner's service fees. The total the customer pays is the total hourly rate quoted and there are no hidden charges. It’s that simple. (Say for example a quoted price of £10; you pay the cleaner 7.50 /hr on each visit and set up a regular monthly payment of £2.50 /hr to the agency according to the number of hrs booked)
Our agency fee covers management & insurance and is typically paid every month by monthly standing order set up by you, this way you are in control of the payment and transactions.
The monthly agency fees are payable at all times to retain the cleaners available for the clients and to maintain our services.
You can ask your cleaners to do other things, like ironing or laundry please check our task list for a list of other tasks that your cleaner can perform.
Your cleaner will work according to the time booked. If the time is not enough cleaner will continue on her next visit. In some cases, the cleaner can stay extra time if required to complete the tasks, but this will depend on the cleaner's schedule and the client will have to inform the agency. We recommend clients book extra time for the first clean this way the cleaners can achieve a reasonable task list. All times quoted or booked are only an estimate and this does not guarantee that the cleaner will finish your task list. If the cleaner stays extra time, the client will pay for the extra to both the cleaner and the agency.
Yes. Just ask us for our confidentiality form to sign with the cleaner.
No annual contract. There is a one-month minimum contract for the service, which you can cancel by giving us four weeks’ notice to stop using the service.
You can cancel at any time by giving us a four weeks notice to cancel. Give us a call or send us an email with your request to cancel the service. We will calculate your final service invoice and service end date. Your notice is required to avoid additional cancellation fees and additional charges.
Note: You cannot cancel or give notice through your assigned cleaner as this will not be a valid notice.
Your assigned cleaner will do all the usual vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and wiping of surfaces and will clean the bathrooms, kitchen, Hallway and most other general household cleaning duties within your home at your request. However, the cleaners are not allowed to perform any deep or specialised cleaning of any antique, delicate, or valuable items. In addition, they will not do outside window cleaning or work on heights. The cleaner cannot clean human or animal waste, as these are classified as biohazards and require specialised cleaning. If you require additional specialised/deep cleaning services, like a window, carpet or oven cleaning, please indicate your needs so we can arrange for one of our specialists to do the job
The cleaners will always work according to your instructions so far as safe, we recommend you instruct your cleaners on all specialised cleaning areas or cleaning materials, solutions and equipment to be used in your home. That is where and how to use them. If in doubt please contact the agency.
We make every effort in matching you with the right reliable cleaner who will always show up in time. If on the very rare occasion your cleaner is running late or unfortunately, your cleaner does not turn up for any reason and has not contacted you to reschedule a visit, please call us to speak to one of our team. We will be glad to help you immediately in arranging a replacement cleaner. We will aim to find you an alternative cleaner as soon as possible or before you’re next cleaning visit, where this is not possible we may issue a service credit on your account for the missed session.
We will endeavour to match you with a cleaner who will meet your cleaning needs. If you are not happy with the service for any reason. please get in touch by phone or email. One of our team will be happy to help. We kindly ask that you give us a reasonable time to resolve the issue.
If the issue relates to the standard of work carried out we will speak to the cleaner and if things do not improve. We will allocate you another cleaner from our database. You may choose to have another cleaner in any case depending on availability.
We offer replacement cleaners as complementary services to our regular clients to cover for the period where their assigned regular cleaners may not be available due to illness or holidays. Replacements are provided solely based on the availabilities of our cleaners and the client's willingness to be flexible on the days they wish to receive the cover. Generally, we will aim to find you an alternative cleaner as soon we have an available cleaner or before you’re next cleaning visit, where this is not possible we will issue a service credit on your account for the missed session where the missed session qualifies for a service credit.
Give us a quick call to arrange a replacement cleaner where available. Replacement cleaners are not sent out automatically, as not all clients require them. It is also important for us to know that you’re happy to have another cleaner visit your home.
If you find your cleaner to be a perfect match and you love her work. You are free to top up her fees. This will keep your cleaner happy and motivated. A happy cleaner is always a good cleaner.
Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, as service payment is required to maintain the services and retain the cleaners available. We can only offer service credit where a missed clean qualifies according to our terms. This also applies when you are cancelling the services under one month of starting with us. In this case, we will require your notice to cancel.
No, you cannot solicit or ask the cleaner to work for you directly or indirectly in any capacity. The agency invests a lot of resources in vetting and recruiting the cleaners for supplying them to our clients. You will be responsible for paying the agency / introductory fees as long the cleaner introduced by the agency continues to work for you or your referrals whichever the case. Moreover, you will be breaching their agreement with the agency by engaging the services of the cleaner directly without paying the agency fees. Please see the terms for more information. You are welcome to rehire the cleaner through the agency.
Yes, you can have your usually cleaning visit during the notice period, if for any reason you are not able to receive the cleaning service during the notice period, please inform us when given notice and we will work out your final agency fees.
Our cleaners do not work on Public holidays if your cleaning fall is on one of the public holidays we recommend you reschedule the visits with your cleaners to a different day that is not on a public holiday.

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