Specialised Pro Services

Specialist Professional Services List

If you would like us to include any of these deep/specialised services in your one-off or end of tenancy service, simply let us know during your booking to a free no obligation quote

  • Professional Carpet Cleaning
  • Professional Window Cleaning
  • Professional Oven Cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of tiles
  • Polishing Wooden Floors
  • Rubbish Removal

Health and Safety

For health and safety reasons:

  • Cleaners are not allowed to work at heights or outside your property.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to work with volatile chemicals or in such environments.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to clean electrical items unless they switched off from the mains.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to give personal hygiene or clean human waste.
  • Cleaners are not allowed to lift heavy objects or furniture

Please, if you are unsure of any task, contact us to discuss the task before instructing your cleaner.
Please feel free to discuss any other requirement, that we might not have covered in this list as our list is comprehensive but not exhaustive of all household chores or needs as we understand that not all households are the same. Take time and check our services and FAQ pages