One-off Cleaning

One Off Domestic Cleaning

The process of a one-off cleaning service includes the perfect cleaning of your whole house, flat or office. All accessible surfaces will be cleaned, including skirting boards and floors. All room and the entrance area will be cleaned. This service is mostly suitable for all customers who do not require domestic cleaning on regular basis. Apart from the cleaning service, we can help you with ironing as well during this time. For ironing, please ask during booking. One off cleans is booked according to number of hours required and the cleaner/clean team will work for the duration booked. If you will require the team for longer, please call the office to discuss any additional hours. The number of hours booked does not guarantee that all tasks will be completed. We ask clients to de-clutter theirhomes before the clean team arrives
as this will enable the team carry on with the actual cleaning.

We recommend you ask cleaners to start from the areas that are more important to you. Please see our one off cleaning task list to help you choose your areas of preference. One off cleaning is slightly different from a deep clean or spring clean, please call us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to suggest a suitable service for you.

Our One-Off Cleaning Rates and Prices

One off cleaning is charged according to the cleaning hours required One off Cleaning requires a minimum 5 hours per session. See our price page to determine the exact cost of your booking. You can Book a cleaner online or call us on 0208 768 4102. Please read Our FAQS which will answer most your questions regarding our services.

Our One-Off Cleaning Team

Our One Off Cleaning can be performed by one cleaner or a team of two cleaners, which ever will suit you best. This service is available at any time, you will get a professional cleaning team to shine and sparkle your home.

One-Off Cleaning Enquiry

If you would like to enquire about our one off cleaning please call us on 0208 768 4102 or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to you straight away. You can also book a cleaner online here.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your one off cleaning requirements, and for a free no obligation quote.

One Off Cleaning process and task List

We Begin with couple of minutes all house clean-up this will clear out the clutter and give us room to do the actual cleaning. We recommend de-cluttering your house as this will save the cleaners valuable time to carry with the actually tasks.The time it takes the cleaner to de-clutter could be used to do the real cleaning she was hired for.Secondly it’s easier for the owner of the house to de-clutter as he or she knows where all the bits and bops goes. Do not worry about cleaning the floors, dusting, wiping and the rest will We will do this  once we have the clusters out of the way.

Bedroom cleaning

All furniture to be dusted and polished if possible.

All skirting to be cleaned.

Light fittings and switches to be cleaned.
Window ledge dusted

Floors to be hovered or mopped.

Doors to be wiped to remove and marks.
Remove cobwebs from ceilings where reachable .

Lounge cleaning

All furniture to be cleaned.

Any pictures to be dusted.
Window ledge dusted if accessible.

All skirting’s to be cleaned.

Light fittings and switches to be cleaned.

Floors to be hovered and or mopped.

Cleaning of mirrors.

Doors to be cleaned to remove any marks.
All ceilings to remove any cobwebs where reachable .

Bathroom and Toilet

Clean and disinfect toilet seat inside and out, toilet bowl inside and out, polish where necessary.
Clean and wash the bathtub(shower cabin), polishing the taps.

Clean and wash the tiles.

Clean and wipe cabinets.

Mirrors to be cleaned.
Window ledge to be dusted if accessible

All woodwork to be wiped down or dusted.

All skirting boards to be cleaned.

Floor to be cleaned and moped.

Light fittings to be wiped including switches.

Doors to be wiped over.

Stair and hallway cleaning

All ceilings to remove any cobwebs where reachable .

All banisters and spindles to be cleaned.

Skirting’s to be wiped down and marks removed.

Stairs to be hovered and or mopped.

Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cupboards and cabinets to be wiped clean from outside (Cleaning inside cupboards, sorting items, removing/returning items will take extra time. Please tell us during booking if you will require inside of funiture cleaning or you may wish to book a Deep/Spring clean)*

Kitchen sink and worktops to be cleaned and wiped down.

Window ledge to be dusted if accessible.

Washing machine to be cleaned from outside .

Cleaning of dishwasher from outside .
Fridge to be cleaned from outside.

Oven and hobs cleaned from outside (Cleaning of appliances from inside will take additional time depending on condition. Please tell us during booking if you will require inside of funiture cleaning or you may wish to book a Deep/Spring clean)*

All accessible surfaces to be wiped down and cleaned.

Floors to be cleaned and moped.

Microwave to be cleaned inside and out.

Light fittings to be cleaned including switches.

Wood works to be cleaned including skirting Boards.

Doors to be wiped to remove any finger marks.
Remove cobwebs from ceilings where reachable.


Please note that the completion of this task will depend on adequate time being booked for the service. The cleaners will work according to the time slot booked. The cleaning of inside of cupboard, wardrobe, cabinets, inside of all appliances e.g. Oven Fridge etc. and moving of static furniture’s are not part of this services unless specifically agreed during the booking. If your bathrooms is heavily limed scaled please mention this during booking as the removal of lime scale cannot be guaranteed on this service.

Click herr for our full one off spring cleaning task list

*Cleaning Tasks marked with Asterisk can take twice the time the to perform please allow extra time when such task are required of the cleaner. We recommend you disscus this with us when booking the service.*

Please fill free to discuss any other requirement, which we might not have covered in this list as our list is comprehensive but not exhaustive of all household chores as we understand that not all households are the same. Please take time and check our services and FAQs pages
Some of the areas covered by our domestic cleaning service in London
We cover all Bromley, Croydon and Surrey (Greater London) areas, including Westminster, City of London, Wapping, Canary Wharf, Stratford, Victoria, Pimlico, Kensington, Chelsea, Earls Court, Fulham, Islington, Camden, St. Johns Wood, Notting Hill, Hampstead, Shepherds Bush, Chiswick, Richmond Ealing, Maida Vale, Battersea, Clapham, and Wandsworth. For more details on all the areas covered  by our domestic cleaning services please click here for a full list

Please click here for full list of areas we cover