How to clean net curtains

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How to clean net curtains

There are a number of ways to clean net curtains and bring them back to that brilliant while – here are a few of them:
Soak them in a solution of water with a dissolved denture tablet, then wash them as normal
1. First put them through a washing cycle with water only, to remove the dust.
2. Follow up with a washing cycle with washing powder to clean them. On both washing cycles, add a new white towel to bulk the load, otherwise, the material doesn’t tumble/agitate very well.
3. Leave them to drip dry on the washing line outdoors.

After you have cleaned your oven and all the shelves are shiny clean, make a paste with bi-carbonate of soda and water and either brush the paste on or apply with a damp cloth. When it’s time to clean again the grease will come easily.

All you do is add a bit of vinegar to your water. The acid will help cut through the grease on the window making the cleaner more effective. It will also add a nice sparkle.

If you want to get your chrome/metal taps, surfaces etc really sparkling use neat liquid soap/shower gel/bath creme.
Simply rub the liquid soap over the surface you wish to clean then wipe off with a dry cloth/kitchen roll to reveal a sparkling glow!
But don’t use water while doing this or it will not work.
If you use your favourite scent it will make your bathroom/kitchen smell lovely, and give you a boost to your wellbeing.

To disguise water rings or marks you can rub a little cigarette ash into the mark with your finger and buff with furniture polish. If you do not use furniture polish you can use shoe polish of the same colour. However, if the polish is too dark, dip a cotton bud in white spirit and rub this over the area to get the polish the correct shade.

Remove Water Rings From Wooden Furniture

Water rings are formed in the surface of the wood – not in the wax or polish, as some people assume. For waxed wood you can remove the rings by rubbing a little white spirit into the mark.

Once you have cleaned the bowl or pan you are ready to clean the rest of the toilet. Using your regular cleaning spray (or hot soapy water) target the tank, handle, outside of the lid and outside of the bowl. Then, with a damp cloth or paper towels, begin wiping down, starting at the tank and ending with the outside of the bowl.
Pay extra attention to the handle – people rarely wash their hands before they flush!
Next, spray the seat, inside lid and rim with cleaner and then wipe clean with a cloth or paper towels. Extra grime collects around the hinges so use either an old toothbrush or slip a cleaning wipe between them to get right in.
Finally give the seat and lid a polish with a squirt of window cleaning spray

Over time toilets can collect layer upon layer of grime at the bottom of the pan, which cannot be easily removed using a toilet brush. Here are three tips to make your loosen the grim and make your toilet sparkle:

1. Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into the toilet bowl and leave over night. Flush in the morning and wipe the bowl for easy removal of grime.
2. Pour in a can of cola (make sure it is not flat!) and leave it for an hour. This will remove stains.

3.You can neutralize odours by pouring a cup of bicarbonate of soda into the pan once a week.

Stainless steel surfaces

Stainless steel sinks, work-tops and equipment can be made to sparkle by wiping with a vinegar soaked cloth.

Keeping baths clean

To avoid rings around the bath do not use oily preparations. Use bath salts or liquid water softeners (sold for their relaxing properties) and rinse the bath after draining out the water.

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