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Refer a Friend London

If you like our services chances are your friends, neighbours or work colleagues would want the same thing too! We now have an easy way for you to ‘Recommend someone for our services’ This way you and your friends or anyone you recommend will earn even more rewards.

Here’s how it works

1. Recommend someone to us by clicking on the button below and completing the form.

2. Your friends or anyone you recommend will receive an email offering them £10 OFF when they book a cleaner from us. The discount will be applied as a credit to their account.

3. We will add a £10 credit to your account once your friend stays with us for the first month.
4. You can also ask your friend to call Busy Hands Cleaners on 02087684102 saying that they’ve been referred to us by you and quote your reference or your name and postcode.

There’s no limit to how many friends or number of people you can recommend. Imagine, if you successfully recommend 20 friends, you’d be £200 better off.

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Few things to note.

The discount will be applied to you and your friend’s account after 30 days of your friend booking a regular service with us, in case of a gift card this will be sent to you and your friend after 30 days of a valid booking complying with our terms and conditions.


Your friend has not cancelled their service within one month
Their first monthly payment has been received by Busy Hands
You are still using Busy Hands cleaners services
you have their permission
the recommendation comes directly to us

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